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Why use a professional kitchen planer ?

After years of doing kitchen designs every day, I need to stop and remind myself how important it is. I start to think that anyone and everyone can do this, and boy that is not so. Anyone reading this can relate in whatever field they are in. We start to take for granted all the time we have put in and how much we have learned. In fact, I learn something new everyday about designing kitchens. My daughter Susan and I take the design very seriously, because we understand that kitchen rehab can be big money and is a long term commitment. Things need to fit right, doors swing properly, counter space, lighting, work space, storage and people flow. So we insist on visiting the home and seeing exactly the way things will move and fit. If we need to do the design over 5 or 6 times, we would rather do that then have a misfit kitchen.

The good news is that our design service is free, regardless whether you purchase cabinets form

us or another supplier. Don't get me wrong; we would love to have you order from us, but the bottom line is making sure you get the best design you can get, and you're happy.

If you are thinking about a new kitchen, call us- you'll be happy you did 518-524-5456

John Arena

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