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Cabinets for Family

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Feb. 6, 2019

Well when you are in the cabinet business, you naturally want to help your family members with their kitchen projects. So is the case with me, over the past year. First with my daughter and her new little cabin and last week for my X wife who is building a new house. Both live in Up State New York outside Saratoga Springs. I must be a little crazy, since both times I drove the load of cabinets all the way from Houston to NY ( 1,800 miles ) It was worth it since I got to see my little grandsons, saved them some money and of course got them a super quality cabinet designed to fit just for them.

Glad that most of our clients are within 30-40 miles of Texas City.

As for our new show room, things have moved slower than I would like. It took a while to get our electrical service, and now we can start the actual demo and rehab. Architect Grace Garza , here in Texas City stopped by today to take her measurements and start her design. Really looking forward to showing the public all great things we have to offer. We also plan to hold some fun and learning events once we open the doors. Stay tuned.





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