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10' x 10' Kitchen Plan 

A 10x10 kitchen layout is a basic, sample L-shaped kitchen design. This type of layout is used across the kitchen industry to aid customers in comparing cabinet costs of various door styles to find out which is best for your remodeling budget.

Below you will find the sample 10x10 layout design as well as a cabinet item list. The kitchen sample shown is for a basic kitchen without any moldings or add-ons using only the necessary items. Our 10x10 item list includes 11 cabinets and 2 accessory  that make up the kitchen design. The final cost may be higher or lower than listed below, depending on what modifications are made to the list/floor plan.

Standard 10' x 10' Kitchen:

1- B15

1- B12

1- B33

1- SB33

1- Dish wash panel

1- W 27/30

1- W36/30

1- WDC24/30

2- W 15/30

1- W 30/12

1- W 36/12

1- BF6"

1- BF3"

$2,150- RTA ( ready to assemble) picked up in Greenwich, NY 12834

(Based on White Shaker) All wood, NO particle board., soft close doors &

drawers. ( Free design is not available for the RTA offer )

Call -518-524-5456  -- Full design service is available, plus a large choice of door styles, in our assembled offer. Call for hours to visit our show room in Greenwich, NY 12834



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